Let it be dark!

I heard the swans sing in the pond of your eyes,

I felt your palm clawed on my heart,

And I forgot your name and your previous self,

I heard your offer of the promised land

And I fell on my knees and I crawled,

And I crawled and I crawled thinking

Sometimes, you see better in the dark.

hoping, that maybe, I’ll see better in the dark

I touched your walls and I leaned on them

Searching blindly for the door,

I walked on the ice and drank the dark waters,

Thinking, sometimes, you taste better in the dark,

Hoping that maybe you’ll be warmer in the dark.

Not knowing that dark is always dark

Plotting to have you taste your magic,

I`m still searching for the door,

With a heavy rage and a small voice,

I’ll sing the swan song myself,

I’ll hide it in the pond of my eyes

I`ll let you taste it from time to time,

I`ll make you taste it from time to time,

Let it be dark!


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