I have successfully unearthed the monster hidden in my right rib

and she told me with hushed words what a mean host I have been,

for I teased from a distance Don Quijotes and Gandhis and Auras

and the dark waters that I swam in have almost drowned her.

She asked with yoghin eyes for clear water and air.

A little voice then pleaded: “for my freedom, I beg”

“Cut the Cord, I beg, from Zeradia I came

but your storms and your tides are made of fear, untamed.

Oh, how I suffered chained to a creature like you!

Cut the cord, I beg, I’m slayed, a thousand times slayed”.

So I showed a little humanité

and I watched her leave, dragging her tail,

and felt empty again.

From the pits of my panic soul, a mermaid song took stage,

for each creature needs a monster to keep it in checks.



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