The Contest.

In the dark box (that you forgot behind your own heart)

You keep me and other dragons that you both love and dislike

I tiptoe inside and keep my own heart from fluttering too hard

So as to not awaken myself in your mind

and remind you to

kick me out

Sometimes, the box heats-up from the fire in your heart

but it’s a blue fire that ices my own mind


that you burn miles away, tethered to a Silver Sun

that brightens up your night

and eats up your heart

with a silver spoon

and fire fangs.

And if ever there was a contest of the most absurd person around

I don’t know who would win it:

I, the blue creature living in the box behind someone’s heart

or you, the burning ghost tethered to a Silver Sun

with a dark blue box stuck in his heart.

So run, baby, run, run, run, run,

I’ll overdose on you,

My friend, my blue Sun,

My Absolom


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