How to Tame Wildfires

”All stepchildren of the future

are bound to get out of control

like big dreams and wet hopes

that wont let you let go.

Like wildfire through dry meadows,





She said this then closed the door

on the tallest pyramid I ever saw.

And I crooked my head to read

the gibberish scribbled on the wall:

it read in strange blue letters

”you know all you ever needed to know”.

And I touched the painting engraved on the wall

and I saw how Hope has refused to go:

a two-headed monster,

one purple with fire, one cloaked in snow

grinning at each other, hands clawed.

And the gentle wind repeated

in kind, hushed words:

don’t blow in wildfire,

you’re bound to get burned,

time ticks only forward, let it all go.

You know all

you will ever need

to know.


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