Pebble You, Pebble Me

I stepped outside myself

and I saw the ring of pebbles circling my heart –

blue ones from winter

and red ones from when you left me behind.

It was as if I was two people at once –

little me that knew not your name

and big me, limping in the dark,

collecting pebbles to map out your path.

You were mad with power

and I was blind with delight –

Ahab has to go hunt down his Great White


The ocean knows this song,

of pebble on pebble,

rain drop on rain drop,

and Ahab breaking his heart.


So I flew the white flag and slowly,

slowly, I started ripping the circle apart,

pebble you, pebble me,

the ocean swirls with delight,

the Great White awaits her tribute –

a string of pebble hearts

to mill into dust

while Ahab sails Pequod

on dry lands.


The whale breathes life with my heart –

too rough to turn into dust –

while the ocean whirls with delight

and Ahab stones his own heart.




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