you’ll touch every single scale of my heart

and swallow me in the longest hug

until feathers bloom on my back.


you’ll run dragging a kite, bright red coated in ice

and say “See! I’ve put it all aside”.


you’ll take my hand and drag me

to the sea that drove us apart:

we’ll plop down and take turns

drinking and laughing until we touch sand.


you’ll grow a thousand tulips in the dark,

invite me to collect them, run

and leave one at each door that crosses our path.


you’ll track down the Giant Pearl and leave it in its shell

just to prove you have heart –

you can’t pry a mollusc and her pain apart.


You’ll lay on the ground while mustangs run in the wild

to show that you don’t budge

when you make up your mind.


you’ll boil a potion from blackberries and forget-me-nots

to drink before waltzing and before saying goodbye.


you’ll paint us free from the world

and shake hands with Mephisto to keep us alive.


you’ll build a castle of dirt, spit, and blood,

lock me at East and feast on my mind.


you’ll dock the Moon at my window

so I can see clearly in your eyes.


you’ll turn into captain Nemo and sing

giant tides and sea monsters lullabies.


you’ll bring me King Midas’ gift

and you’ll roam free from my touch.


you’ll forget your claim to my heart

and you’ll ask me what I want

so we’ll both wake up.


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