The Invisible Cage

You built a throne so you could command

wizards and witches to help quench your thirst.

You asked poets and blacksmiths

and widows with husbands fallen by sword.

Blind men and girls jaded by love,

old men that had died a few times in a row

that led you to climb to the temple

with a mirror hidden behind a gold door.

It showed you that you already know

how to do it yourself and then asked

for the better half of your soul.

So you circled the cage

and threw words around

’til you found the best label of all:

You just aren’t me!, you said,

with all the might of a self-proclaimed Lord.

And much to your surprise,

it both felt good and it hurt.

Then you heard my steps echoing

on the marble floor as I left you alone.

I am not you, I echoed your words –

the label prophesied that I would go

and leave you in the cage that trapped your soul

to forever look for the door.

Behold the power of the best label of all.

Photo: Gerome Viavant, CCC – Black Rock Desert, the US.


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