Time travel

I wore my best self today, as a mask,

as I wore you for a while just to hide

that you mirror the forgotten side of my heart.

And I watched myself, from outside,

as I talked, walked, and dreamed

as an earthling fully grounded in this life.

I heard the mask as it cracked

when I sat by my side, shadow close, eyes wide,

seeing old me-s in each lost passerby.

Nothing ever gets old, just that time

grows to cover it all up. So I time traveled

to see if I was still there with you keeping guard.

Half-bloods are bound to be

trapped in-between half-heard and I just forgot

Not a dear, not a rose, just sad-bound all your life.

I scratched the half-blood birthmark

burning in my mind – sad-bound all your life,

escape when you find the meaning of life.

I played the word game, as you threw them around

and I made a puzzle somehow always

reading: I love you for all that you are not.

Not only you were still keeping guard –

but you were holding up the mask

to hide that you hate me for all that you are not.

But half-bloods know more

than anyone alive

what it’s like to love with a crooked heart –

it hurts when you breathe and when you talk

otherwise, it burns with the light

of a thousand falling stars.

(keep holding up the mask if it means

that youll be close enough to touch).


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