Friday Storytime: the Atrocious Pitter-Platter

Once upon a time, in a poky half-up, half-down house, there lived an old man with the lady of his heart. They were as poor as anyone can be and their only wealth and joy was a stubborn horse that hobbled every third step. And outside the confines of the poky house, a thief conspired to steal the horse. So one foggy evening, the thief squatted in the shadow of the house, waiting for the night and the right moment to pounce.

It was a capricious autumn day and it was pouring. And inside, the rain came down through the shady roof, pitter-platter in one corner, dibble-dibble-dopp-dopp in another. The old man and his lady were moving their sheets from one corner of the house to the next, in search of a dry spot. But the rain kept striking through the roof. Continue reading “Friday Storytime: the Atrocious Pitter-Platter”